1What is RxNow?
The mission of RxNow is to provide individuals with a free prescription discount regardless if they are uninsured, insured or somewhere in the middle. We have aligned with the industry leader and now can offer individuals the LARGEST Discount on the TOP 25 most-prescribed medications across the USA.
2Do I need to register or pay for RxNow?
No, RxNow is 100% FREE! There are no hidden fees, or any fees for that matter. We will NEVER charge you for using the RxNow card!
3Where do the savings come from, and how does RxNow profit?
"With all these discounts and no fees, how does RxNow pay the bills?" Great question. RxNow has partnered with a leading pharmacy benefit manager, Argus Health Systems, to negotiate discounted medication prices through bulk buying. Because our discount program isn't insurance, it's free. We collect a percentage from the discount awarded from big pharmaceutical companies, but NEVER from you.
4Where can I use the RxNow?
The RxNow card can be used at over 60,000 participating pharmacies nationwide including all major chains. To find a participating pharmacy please search our pharmacy locator or call the participant help desk at 1-800-MYRXNOW
5Will I ever pay more using the card than I would without the card?
6What if I already have insurance, can I still use RxNow card?
Yes, of course! Our card is not insurance, we simply provide discounts on prescriptions.
Having insurance doesn’t mean you pay the lowest price. In the meantime, if the RxNow Discount is greater than the discount you’d receive with your insurer, utilize the RxNow discount card.
7Will my medical information be kept private?
We are 100% HIPAA compliant!
Our company has no access to private medical information. Only the providers have that information.
8Do I need to register or pay for RxNow?
NO registration and we never charge membership fees or monthly premiums, ever. RxNow has and will always be 100% free to use.
9Important note for Medicare users
While you may use our discounts as a Medicare Part D supplement, drugs purchased with this discount will not count toward your Medicare deductible, and therefore not allow you to exceed your deductible and get out of the "donut hole." Contact your plan administrator to get the specifics, because not all plans are the same.
10How can the RxNow card help?
Tens of millions of Americans lack health insurance and are forced to pay out-of-network costs for the prescriptions they need to live. Our drug coupons can provide deep discounts from these massive costs, providing relief from rising expenses in medications.
Did you know that doctors prescribe medication to 73% of all Americans?
Did you know in 2017, it cost a family $4,310 to get their medications filled, compared to $1,221 in 2012 to get the same meds filled?
11Can I use the card if I am not a legal citizen of the United States?
Yes, we do not require any personal information about you except your name.
Since RxNow is a resource 1st! To utilize our site one would type in the search box your medication. Select and find your medication name and then, choose the form, dosage and quantity. Save the discount to your device or print from a printer. Follow the directions given and while checking out simply show the pharmacy tech your RxNow discount information.
If your vetenarian has prescribed your pet a medication that is also used to treat human conditions, you may get a discount on the medication with RxNow Prescription Discount Card.
We have awarded our cardholders with over $1,400,000,000 in savings and our discounts are good at virtually every pharmacy nationwide.
The RxNow prescription discount card, can be used at virtually every pharmacy nationwide. Additionally, if your pharmacy does not have experience with our discounts, we have a pharmacist helpline that is open 24 hours a day seven days a week that will help guide your pharmacist through the process of getting your prescription discount fulfilled.

WE are 100% HIPAA compliant